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Execution of the forest land survey plan

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Land surveying of objects included in the lands of the forest fund means the process of determining their area, boundaries, fixing these boundaries on the ground (if necessary), as well as entering these data into the Unified State Register of Natural Resources with the assignment of a cadastre number to the plot.

If a forest plot is provided for use for a period of more than 11 months, it must be put on the state cadastral register.

Roslesinforg is the only organization in Russia that can prepare all the necessary documents that are required to enter information about a forest plot into the USRN.

Who can submit an application for land surveying?

An application for the establishment of borders of forest plots can be submitted by a state authority of a subject of the Russian Federation, which is authorized to make decisions regarding this type of land.

The customer of the service of land surveying can be state and local authorities, subsoil users, timber processors and loggers, tenants and owners of recreational facilities, nurseries and power lines, communication lines, etc.

Who can prepare a boundary plan?

A boundary plan is prepared on the basis of cadastral plan, land surveying project and other project documentation. Roslesinforg can prepare a forest area land survey plan with its cadastre number, address and area, land category, type of permitted use, and information on how measurements and calculations were carried out. Our specialists can also support the procedure of registration on the state register, which is confirmed by an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Peculiarities of forest land surveying

If you want to carry out land surveying of a forest plot in order to place it on the cadastral account, it is important to remember that there must not be any bodies of water on its territory. This is due to the fact that the legislation prohibits land surveying the area with surface water.

How to register a forest plot in the cadastre?

For this, you need an application, a boundary plan attached to it, a document that can confirm the authority of the applicant's representative (if the application is submitted by a representative), and, if necessary, a written consent for the formation of the property from the owners, users, lessees, pledge holders of these forest plots. The service is provided within 14 days.

Cost of land surveying

The cost of this service depends on various factors and may vary depending on the specifics of the forest land: its location, configuration, size. On average, the prices start from several thousand rubles and can reach hundreds of thousands of rubles if it is necessary to carry out land surveying of a large forest area.

How to get a service

  • Fill in the form on the page and attach the documents
  • Our employee will contact you to discuss in detail
  • Then we prepare an offer and conclude a contract
  • At the agreed date and time our specialists go to the site and make all necessary measurements
  • We do calculations and draw a boundary plan
  • Consultations and assistance in submitting documents to the state authorities are provided

Why to choose us

Roslesinforg has been engaged in the integrated management of commercial forestry and forestry tasks for 80 years. We are an official forest manager and we have a highly qualified team with extensive experience, so we can guarantee high quality of the developed documentation and its compliance with all legislative requirements. All work is performed in strict accordance with the contract and within a fixed time frame.

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